In recent years the Almighty God has assigned to our Ministry A.M.M. (Advance World Missionary) tasks of Prophetic Intercession in various regions of the world, mobilizing prayer among the people of God for the blessing of their territory and for the salvation and liberation of thousands. Active Nations is a Prayer, Clamor and Decrees Project. It consists in a Prophetic Tour that covers strategic points along a region with the aim to Intercede and revoke any operation of darkness against the territory and declare blessing and favor of God on earth. The idea is that the passage of this Apostolic-Prophetic Intercession Team each Province, State or City, simultaneously may have a Ministry Team united around their intercession.

For many months ago the Lord has spoken to me personally to me and my son, the Prophet Pavlo on a new project Prophetic Intercession in the United States.

In 2012 we made a great continental impact with the "Active USA" project, with a distance of 17,000 km in 18 days; something really monumental in the power of the Holy Spirit. The political situation in the United States has become very critical and real danger to the world. We believe it is time to return to play this beautiful and important country.

In this year 2016 we are doing in two very specific areas declared as important by Dr. Morris Cerullo: East Coast and West Coast later. The East Coast was our first project to be developed last August where we saw the Gloria, the favor and support of the Almighty. Now is the time for the West Coast, with a prophetic Tour of key points for the month of October. This second phase is already advancing positively, where we have seen how the Lord has awakened brothers around the nation to support coordination, travel Tour, opening their congregations for Prophetic Intercession Meetings and other much more details.

The Project will have as its main theme: "Turning the prophetic move of the Spirit" and as the name: "Activating USA West Coast."

On this page you can find information on the strategy to follow and the team of ministers who will form the International Apostolic Team will be developing this project. You can also join this tour, write us to find more information to email

We'll be in touch. Receive my love, respect and Apostolic blessing.


Apostle Rony Chaves
At the foot of Jesus Christ